I am a police officer and a mental health professional. It is the blending of these two worlds that is the focus of my work. I see individual adults and couples in counseling.

As a POST Master Instructor I offer training to law enforcement on topics related to emotional wellness and crisis intervention. I hope to hear from you!

Psychotherapy & Training

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The most common problems people complain of is anxiety and depression. Anxiety is a chronic state of thinking about things that haven't occurred yet, but which we have convinced ourselves are going to go poorly. Depression is chronic ruminating about things that have already happened, and therefore which we have no control over. Yet we somehow can't let it go.

I use mindfulness based cogntive therapy to help people become comfortable living in the present moment, away from the past and the future. The present moment allows us to see what is real. I help my clients find their distorted, unrealistic thoughts and replace them with more realistic ones.