Emotional Wellness


Emotionally well officers are more productive, get fewer citizen complaints, take less sick time, and are injured less. They are also happier, better parents, friends and colleagues. 

My classes focus on developing psychological reslience, present moment awareness and other evidence-based practices that lead to officers deriving more meaning and enjoyment from their work.

Training should be relevant and practical. Learning should be active and student centered.

availability & fees

law enforcement training

Crisis Intervention Training

I am available to teach the following subjects:

* Crisis De-escalation.

* Stress management for law enforcement.

* Overview of mental illness.

* Excited delirium.

* Suicide by cop.


For Psychotherapy: Times I am available

Tuesday Evenings

Thursday Morning


For Trainings

With 30 days notice I am available during the week to conduct up to 8-hrs of training.


Psychotherapy & Training

I have been licensed in California as a Marriage & Family Therapist since 1997.  I see a wide range of adult clients who are struggling to get relief from various symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, work related stress, and marital discord.

My focus in treatment is to build a solid therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect. I have found that people don't want to try new ways of being in the world if they don't trust the motives of or respect the therapist. My office is a confidential, safe place to explore what's really going on.

Before becoming a police officer at the age of 37, I worked for many years in the community mental health system, providing support and therapy to adults with serious mental health challenges, adolescents and families.

As an officer with the city of Berkeley Police Department I have worked assignments in Patrol, Drug Task Force, and Bicycle Patrol. I am currently assigned as our full-time Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator.

For the past five years I have taught various law enforcement courses as part of the Alameda Crisis Intervention Training program, including emotional wellness and crisis de-escalation.

I have done training at the regional, state and national level. I write a regular column for Calibre Press on topics related to the emotional wellness of officers.